Anti-LGBT activist: Gay soldiers 'armed with vibrators' more dangerous than Putin

A spokesperson for anti-LGBT group the World Congress of Families said that LGBT soldiers, "armed with vibrators" are a greater threat to the U.S. than aggressive action by Russia and its president Vladimir Putin. Right Wing Watch reported that WCF's Don Feder made the remarks in an op-ed piece for

The piece, titled "Putin Doesn't Threaten Our National Security, Obama Does," posited that Russia's dictatorial president is not as bad for the United States and the world as a president who is "not an American" in the White House.

“Muslims in the Obama White House,” wrote Feder, are the real threat to the U.S. because a "Muslim who takes his religion seriously must put loyalty to Dar al-Islam above allegiance to an infidel state."

Furthermore, he said, the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- the repressive anti-LGBT military law that forbade LGBT service members from serving openly -- will do more to harm to the nation than any foreign regime.

Feder pointed to a story of LGBT troops performing in drag shows overseas. In "Obama’s life style-friendly military," Feder said, these supposed troops in drag will be the norm.

"If Putin doesn’t take us seriously, is it any wonder?" he asked. "Perhaps we could deploy an elite unit, armed with vibrators, to the Crimea to counter Spetsnaz commandos."

Rather than victory, Feder lamented, "diversity is the New Action Army’s most important product."

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported that the World Congress of Families is one of six anti-LGBT hate groups that are working abroad to undermine the rights of LGBT people around the world. The group has lauded the criminalization of same-sex relations in Uganda and played an active role in helping Russian legislators craft their vicious "gay propaganda" law.

The group is scheduled to have its 2014 meeting at the Kremlin in Russia. There has been no word on whether the far-right organization plans to cancel in the wake of Russia's aggression toward Ukraine.

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