Bill Maher wants to give self-pitying billionaires something real to cry about

Friday night, during the "New Rules" segment of his HBO show, Bill Maher took on the topic of income inequality and the strange tendency in people in power in this country to act like they're the people being oppressed.

"Heterosexual Christians under siege from gays," he said. "White people complaining that 'reverse racists' are trying to strip them of their right to shoot unarmed black men. And most bizarre, the recent wave of billionaires sobbing that they're being demonized and are under attack."

It's not enough for them to have all the money in the world, apparently, he said, but we're also not gazing on them adoringly and saying, "You are the most brilliant, industrious person on Earth. Can you teach us how to be more like you while we buff your cock with this fine chamois?"

There have been a string of editorials and public statements by billionaire investors, CEOs and hedge fund managers in which these "masters of the universe" compare President Barack Obama's decision to raise their taxes 3 percent to "Hitler's invasion of Poland." Or that they feel like they are so persecuted they they're like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

These are the people whose economic schemes tanked the economy, Maher said, "and nobody got arrested, nobody went broke. Justin Bieber didn't even egg your house."

While U.S. productivity has rocketed 90 percent in the last 30 years, incomes have only risen 8 percent. Maher said that if he was breaking his back and someone else was reaping almost all the benefit, he would hate them too.

"And I'd also want to know, how could that happen?" he said.

Billionaire Sam Zell said it's simply because the one percent "work harder."

"Okay, now we do need to come after you with a pitchfork," said Maher.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed an income cap in the U.S., which in today's dollars would be about $300,000 per year.

Maher wished that there were Democrats like that now, who'd say to billionaires, "Oh, you're crying? We'll give you something to cry about. You don't want to have a minimum wage? How about we not only have a minimum wage, but a maximum wage?"

Watch the video, embedded below: