Christian radio hosts Matt Barber and Mat Staver took offense to First Lady Michelle Obama's recent visit to a Florida clinic to promote the Affordable Care Act, likening it to Nazi rhetoric, Right Wing Watch reported on Friday.

"This is evil," Barber said on the duo's show on Friday. "It's evil. And Michelle Obama, anybody who could say that, is an evil human being. Those are evil words, that's an evil sentiment, and I cannot believe that Michelle Obama would say that 'you're doing God's work' by dismembering alive innocent pre-born children. It is Hitlerian."

Barber and Staver were upset by Obama telling staffers at a Tampa, Florida community health center, "These places are not easy places to run, but you are doing God's work" while encouraging younger residents to enroll for health insurance coverage under the new law, commonly known as Obamacare.

"This is reminiscent of going back to Hitler," Staver complained. "You're doing God's work? To what? To put people in these plans that actually kill children? That force employers to fund abortion and take innocent human lives? That's God's work? This is perverted. This is a perverted administration and a perverted president."

Contrary to the duo's allegations, however, one person who attended Obama's appearance, Allan Zullinger, expressed satisfaction with his coverage, which costs $40 a month after government subsidies were factored in.

"I'm leaving myself out to dry not having insurance," said Zullinger, who signed up for coverage after being hit by a car in December 2013. "It doesn't matter how good I eat, how much I work out, how smart I think I am. I'm not smarter than a car. If something like that happens, I'm in bad shape physically and fiscally."

Listen to Barber and Staver's protestations over Obama's remarks, as posted by Right Wing Watch, below.

[Image via Agence France-Presse]