Comedian Patton Oswalt rips Salon writers for hypocritical defense of Stephen Colbert
Patton Oswalt (Shuttertsock)

Comedian Patton Oswalt took to Twitter this afternoon to express disbelief at Salon's defense of Stephen Colbert's "Asian" joke:

When Patton made a similarly satirical remark last year -- one which was also critical of clueless Asian stereotyping -- Salon attacked him, calling him "reliably pedantic and thin-skinned."

"Oswalt’s a savvy enough comic not to need a lesson in Satire 101, but satire and irony in a joke like this are all about who is targeted," Salon's David Daley wrote at the time. The writer of today's article, Mary Beth Williams, attempted -- and failed -- to placate Oswalt:


At this point, fellow Salon writer Alex Pareene jumped into the fray and started swinging:

The matter escalated when facts about Pareene's past came to light:

Pareene, eventually, relented:

And began to retweet other people's sage advice:

In all this back-and-forth between the subject of an article and those who wrote, it is worth noting that what Oswalt asked of Salon's writers was not a carte blanche to say whatever he wants without fear of criticism, but merely the same benefit of the doubt that Colbert received:

Which is not to say that he did not become testy when he perceived that Williams was deliberately missing his point:

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