The pastor for a Bridgeport, Connecticut church died after telling his congregation that he had committed an act of infidelity, the Connecticut Post reported on Thursday.

Bishop Bobby Davis was pronounced dead at a local hospital on Sunday following his confession to members of the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church following his regular service. Davis and his wife, Christine, founded the church in 1967 and were married for just over 50 years.

"The bishop's family asked us to remain in the church and the bishop confessed to us something that happened long ago," congregation member Judy Stovall was quoted as saying. "He wanted to come clean with all of us. He wanted to ask our forgiveness."

The state Medical Examiner's office has not determined the cause of Davis' death. The Post also reported that local authorities closed their investigation into Davis' death.

"Detectives interviewed people who were in the church and viewed a video taken by someone who was in the church," police spokesperson William Kaempffer was quoted as saying. "There was no indication of foul play."

Stovall told the Post that Davis' confession led to a vocal response, but one that was supportive.

"We were shouting, 'We forgive you, we love you,'" she was quoted as saying. "But the stress of all of it -- he had a heart attack. I held his head as he lay on the floor. Our congregation is hurting now."

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