In an interview with AM talk radio program "The Lars Larson Show," shamed conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza said that President Barack Obama sold himself to U.S. voters by way of an "optical illusion" that he isn't actually an "angry black man."

According to Right Wing Watch, D'Souza was responding to the perplexed Larson's query as to how Obama got elected in the first place, given that he doesn't "look out first and foremost for America’s best interests and the best interests of the people here."

"What really happened Lars I think is this," D'Souza said, "(T)he American people, in a sense, fell for an optical illusion. The American people were scared that our first black president would be, in a sense, you may say an angry black man, some sort of a radical."

Instead, Obama ran and has governed as a moderate, which has led people to a false sense of security, D'Souza continued.

"What they didn’t realize was that although Obama doesn’t support racial reparations, he supports global reparations on a non-racial basis. So he is actually in a way more radical. But that was not seen by most people and is only becoming sadly apparent now."

The real danger, he said, will be if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assumes the White House in Obama's wake.

“My feeling is that Hillary is closer to Barack than she is to Bill,” D’Souza told Larson. “Hillary was always the radical in that duo.”

The former First Lady, said D'Souza, would be little more than an extension of Obama's will.

“I think Obama may have intuited that if he’s going to remake America in the way that he said he was going to, he may have decided, ‘Eight years is not enough, if I had the Congress I might have been able to do it, I need sixteen years,'" he said. "So I wonder if in Obama’s mind he’s thinking, ‘If I give the baton to Hillary, will she run in the same direction that I’ve been running?’”

The Mumbai-born D'Souza has had a long fall since his glory days in the late 1980s as an aide to President Ronald Reagan and former shining star of the College Republicans. He spent several years at the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think tanks.

However, a sex scandal laid the moralizing pundit low. It came to light that D'Souza had been seeing a much younger woman behind his wife Dixie Brubaker's back. The two divorced but D'Souza's reputation was in tatters.

He produced the wildly popular -- but critically panned -- anti-Obama film "2016: Obama's America," which Republican audiences loved, but which failed to have an impact on the 2012 presidential election.

He was forced to resign from his multimillion dollar job as president of a small, but lavishly funded evangelical college and earlier this year, he was indicted on federal charges of campaign fraud.

D'Souza could face up to seven years in prison on charges that he tried to disguise illegal donations to Republican New York Senate hopeful Wendy Long.

He recently appeared in an infomercial promoting the Flip Tree, a plastic, permanently decorated Christmas tree that folds in half for storage.

Listen to the interview, embedded below via Right Wing Watch: