'Ex-gay' professor warns that gay men want surrogate moms as 'breeding slaves'
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In a blog post at AmericanThinker.com, anti-LGBT activist -- and purported "ex-gay" convert to heterosexuality -- Robert Oscar Lopez wrote Wednesday that gay men plan to use surrogate mothers to bear their children as "breeding slaves."

Gay blogger Joe.My.God. reported that in a post called "Breeders: How Gay Men Destroyed the Left," Lopez envisioned a dystopian future where women are nothing more than prisoners to an elite overclass of gay men.

"Gay men are men," he wrote, and such, they eschew the company of women.

"Gestational surrogacy is a dream come true for woman-hating chauvinists who are bound to congregate under such an umbrella," he said.

"Men enjoy all the 'phallic' privilege that the bourgeois patriarchy can provide" under this system, he said, "and women are put in their place. Not even in the kitchen, no – in a barracks somewhere, patrolled by goons who will snatch away their babies whenever the men demand it."

Media Matters reported that Lopez -- an associate professor of English at California State University at Northridge -- has authored several shrill, anti-LGBT screeds, in which he calls same-sex relationships "a crime against humanity" and the push for LGBT equality the march of "full-body totalitarianism."

In 2012, Lopez wrote of his decision to give up the "gay lifestyle."

"Twenty years ago, I had never been with a woman, but I had had relations with quite a few men...Now I am twelve years into a happy and faithful marriage to a woman," he said.

"I begged God for forgiveness," he said. "You couldn't pay me to have sex with a man at this point in my life."

So-called "reparative therapy" has been disavowed at virtually every level of the psychiatric profession. Sexual orientation is now widely accepted by medical, clinical and psychiatric professionals to be a largely immutable, in-born trait.

The practice of trying to alter a person's sexual orientation through prayer, counseling and behavior modification has been shown to be not just ineffective, but actively harmful to patients. The practice of reparative therapy on minor children has been outlawed in California and New Jersey as a form of child abuse.

Exodus International -- the leading network of clinics claiming to treat homosexuality with reparative therapy -- closed its doors in 2013 and its CEO, who now lives openly as a gay man, published a letter of apology to all the LGBT people the organization had harmed in its years of operation.

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