John Oliver's new show ruthlessly mocks Republican 'hipster' ads

In its ongoing post-"autopsy" effort to entice new voting blocs into the Republican Party, the Republican National Committee released a group of web ads featuring a bespectacled "Millennial" named Scott Greenberg in a tiny leather jacket, scruffy beard and striped shirt.

"Daily Show" alumnus John Oliver released two videos on Friday ruthlessly parodying Greenberg's pro-Republican ads -- a preview for his upcoming HBO show "Last Week Tonight."

In the videos, actor Josh Gondelman said, "I don't like when people tell me what to do. Like, 'You should buy health care' or 'Don't carry a concealed weapon into this park' or 'Hey, that leather jacket is way too small for you.'"

"I'm a Republican because you don't get jobs giving handouts," Gondelman said. "You get out by giving hand jobs. No, wait!"

Watch the videos, embedded below:

Part One:

Part Two: