Jon Stewart mocks Putin's 'disturbingly shirtless aggression' against Ukraine
Jon Stewart 030314 [YouTube]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart caught Russian President Vladimir Putin in a "gotcha moment" on Monday regarding his troops' invasion of Ukraine, while also noting the increasing level of the threat.

"Russian forces storming Ukrainian bases -- that is blatant, naked aggression," Stewart said. "Or, at the very least, disturbingly shirtless aggression. But, with this aggression, it looks like Putin's gone Heil Titler."

However, as the U.S. and members of the international community criticized the Russian incursion, Stewart pointed out, it was Putin criticizing the U.S. not six months ago over the prospect of American military intervention in Syria, through an op-ed in The New York Times.

"I think Vladimir Putin is gonna feel pretty stupid when he watches this show tonight and sees that he's been caught in a classic Daily Show gotcha moment," Stewart observed. "Probably pretty hard to keep invading a country when you've been unmasked as a hypocrite. Ukraine, you're welcome."

Stewart also mocked Russia's attempts to create a mystery surrounding their troops on the ground in the Crimean peninsula.

"So they speak Russian, and they look Russian, and they're eating Russian dressing on their salads," Stewart said. "And when asked, 'Russian says what?,' reports confirm that they say, 'What?'"

Watch Stewart's commentary, as aired on Comedy Central, below.