Stephen Colbert tears Huffington Post a new one over campus anal sex 'click-bait'
Stephen Colbert (Screen shot)

Stephen Colbert declared Tuesday night the Huffington Post is his "go-to number one source for pictures of Cheetos that look like masturbating men, and reports of when a starlet shows 'major' sideboob or flaunts 'MAJOR' sideboob."

He then described a recent article with the title "College Students Warm Up To The Back Door," which isn't just "click-bait," because "it means exactly what you think it means."

Colbert noted that the actual title of the article being teased is "The Latest Rage On College Campuses Is Apparently Anal Sex."

"Now, Huffington Post broke this story by rolling up their sleeves and doing the kind of reporting that won them a Pulitzer Prize two years ago," Colbert continued. "They paraphrased a college newspaper column."

"The original piece was written by for-sure real person, 'Abby Student,'" he said. "It is this kind of bold reporting that draws youth to the new media. I've watched hours of CNN's Ukraine coverage and they haven't once mentioned any kind of butt business.

Watch the entire segment via Colbert Nation below.