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About 20 worshippers injured as car plows into Florida church



A runaway car plowed into a Florida church, smashing through a wall and injuring around 20 worshippers attending Easter services, police said on Monday.

About 20 people were hurt when the Lexus sedan crashed into the Second Haitian Baptist Church in the city of Fort Myers where some 200 people had gathered for an evening service Easter Sunday.

“The vehicle crashed through the wall driving over several occupied pews,” a police department statement said.


“Parishioners used vehicle jacks and brute force to lift the vehicle in order to rescue several others trapped beneath the Lexus sedan while waiting for medics,” said police, adding that some of the injured treated by area hospitals were listed as being in serious condition.

Officials said the driver, the lone occupant of the vehicle, said her brakes had failed and that she lost control of the car.

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Burger King unveils Whopper from cows on green diet



For those seeking to tackle climate change and get a fast food fix, Burger King has the answer -- a Whopper from cows that fart and burp less.

The fast-food giant announced Tuesday that select restaurants in five US cities -- New York, Miami, Portland, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas -- would be serving Whoppers made from "reduced methane emissions" beef.

The chain says that adding just 100 grams of lemongrass leaves to a cow's diet late in life could reduce their output of methane, a greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

Initial study results revealed an up to 33 percent reduction in methane emissions from cows on the new diet in the last three to four months of their lives, Burger King said.

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While coronavirus cases spike in the South, the Northeast seems to have it under control – here’s what changed



Hospital Capacity Crosses Tipping Point in U.S. Coronavirus Hot Spots” – Wall Street Journal

This is a headline I hoped to not see again after the number of coronavirus infections had finally started to decline in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest. However, the pandemic has now shifted to the South and the West – with Arizona, Florida, California and Texas as hot spots.

At the same time, cases, hospitalizations and the percentage of positive tests in Northeastern states have declined. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently declared, “We now have the lowest transmission rate in the United States of America.” In fact, there are now more daily hospitalizations in Arizona than in New York, Pennsylvania and the entire Northeast combined.

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2020 Election

Trump wallowing in self-pity as COVID-19 pandemic derails his re-election plans: report



According to a report from Bloomberg, a "struggling" Donald Trump is not making any effort to disguise his disappointment that his plans to serve a second term as president have fallen to pieces due to both coronavirus pandemic and the collapse of the economy -- including massive job losses -- that ensued after the country shut down.

With presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden taking leads both nationally and in previously reliable Republican states like Florida, Texas and North Carolina, the Bloomberg report notes that the embattled president can't help but indulge in self-pity in front of the press and public.

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