Anti-gay crusader Peter LaBarbara detained in Canada under 'hate propaganda' law

Longtime anti-LGBT crusader and leader of the group Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) Peter LaBarbera was denied entry into Canada on Thursday.

According to, the country blocked LaBarbera at the border under its "hate propaganda" law, which forbids the spread of misinformation and hate speech about protected groups, the type of defamatory speech that the Southern Poverty Law Center says is LaBarbera's stock in trade.

The group Intolerance Free Weyburn raised objections with the Canadian government over LaBarbera's scheduled appearance at a Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association convention April 11 and 12. IFW's Chris Brookes told the Canadian Broadcasting Company that LaBarbera has never tried to hide the anti-LGBT animus in his message.

"Read some of the things he's been saying, whether it's on his Facebook or his Twitter, or his own personal website, and you realize just how much hatred is behind his message," said Brookes.

LaBarbera is set to deliver a talk on Saturday “about the interconnections between the pro-abortion and the gay agendas.”

Brookes began by contacting the anti-choice group hosting LaBarbera and asking it to rethink the decision to invite the activist -- who is known as "Porno Pete" to pro-equality activists because of his reportedly massive trove of gay male pornography, kept for "research." Brookes then circulated an online petition.

LaBarbera responded shrilly to the opposition, calling his critics "Canadian Homo-Marxists" who are conducting a "nefarious campaign to demonize" him and his organization.

Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials detained LaBarbera at Regina International Airport in Saskatchewan late Thursday night and briefly detained before being released into the custody of Canadian anti-choice activist Bill Whatcott.

“I expected this would happen,” LaBarbera said to, the stridently anti-LGBT website run by activist Matt Barber.

“Upon entry into Canadian Customs, all my belongings were searched, inc. my laptop + phone, to gather info for ‘Hate Propaganda’ evidence,” he announced via Twitter late Thursday night.

The CBSA is set to review whether LaBarbera should be allowed to spread his message north of the U.S. border at noon on Friday.