CNN anchor Don Lemon ripped conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday for trying to link embattled NBA owner Donald Sterling to President Barack Obama.

"If we didn't know then that Rush Limbaugh is a stunt king, then we know now," Lemon told colleague Erin Burnett and guest Durrell "Tank" Babbs in video posted by Media Matters.

Babbs, an R&B singer, announced earlier in the day that he had canceled his planned performance of the national anthem prior to Tuesday's playoff game between Sterling's Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors, on account of the reports of several racist remarks attributed to Sterling over the weekend.

But Babbs was seemingly rendered speechless after listening to remarks from Donald Trump -- who denounced Sterling's alleged comments while still disparaging the source, V. Stiviano, as "the girlfriend from hell" -- and Limbaugh, who falsely claimed on his show that Sterling is a "big Democrat."

"The only reason he's in trouble right now is he did not give enough money to Obama," Limbaugh said.

In fact, local records indicate that Sterling has been a registered Republican since 1998.

"There is no excuse for this behavior," Lemon said of Trump and Limbaugh's remarks. "There is no excuse for anyone to try to make an excuse for someone like Donald Sterling. Clearly, he's just trying to get attention."