Failed Florida bank robber used online job application with login info as stickup note

Police in Florida are looking for a man who unsuccessfully attempted to rob a bank, leaving behind a robbery note containing his name.

According to the FBI, Felipe Cruz attempted to rob a branch of Chase Bank in Pompano Beach on April 10, reported the Sun Sentinel.

Cruz approached a female teller, who was protected by a bullet-proof 'bandit barrier,' handing her a note reading ,"Give me the 100s 50s 20s now. Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!"

After the teller stepped away from the window, a panicked Cruz bolted from the bank empty-handed, leaving behind his robbery note which was written on the back on an online job application containing his name.

According to FBI agent Sarah Gioielli, the application contained not only his name but his handwritten online user name - CRUZFELIPE36 - and his password.

Combined with his fingerprints found on the note, authorities have determined that Cruz lives in an apartment complex located  approximately four miles from the bank branch.

"By trying to rob a bank with a demand note written on the back of his employment search form, the robber has given us a clue," FBI agent Michael Leverock explained. "He probably should have continued looking for honest work."

Cruz is sought on charge of attempted bank robbery.

[Mugshot via Pompano Beach PD]