Federal appeals court overturns $920 million award to DuPont over theft of trade secrets
DuPont chemical plant [AFP]

A US federal appeals court Thursday overturned a ruling that ordered South Korea's Kolon Industries to pay $920 million to rival US chemical giant DuPont for alleged theft of trade secrets.

In September 2011, a jury found Kolon had stolen DuPont's trade secrets on the manufacture of Kevlar aramid fiber and ordered the company to pay damages and interest.

But the Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, found that the district court had "abused its discretion, to Kolon's prejudice" and granted Kolon a new trial, according to a court document seen by AFP.

Kevlar is used in a number of products, including tires, fiber optic cables and spacesuits.

[Image via Agence France-Presse]