Jimmy Kimmel mocks The Drudge Report's freak out over Obama bowing to Japanese robot
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)

On his show Thursday night, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at The Drudge Report for considering President Barack Obama's playful interaction with a Japanese robot to be the top news of the day.

Obama witnessed Honda's ASIMO robot in action during a trip to Tokyo. The president bowed when meeting the humanoid robot, a fact that some conservatives media outlets apparently found quite troubling.

"You know, he bowed to the robot," Kimmel explained. "This is the top story on the Drudge Report this morning: 'U.S. president bows to Japanese robot.' And Breitbart had a similar thing: 'United States president Barack Obama bows to Japanese robot.' As if he surrendered his nuclear arsenal to it. These robots are kind of creep, though."

Watch video below.