In his search to find something else to watch on the news besides "professor of Negro studies" Cliven Bundy, Daily Show host Jon Stewart urged CNN to take all the resources it's still throwing at coverage of a missing Malaysia Airlines jet and use them to highlight stories about global warming.

"CNN, don't you think this is kind of actual, meaningful news and could fit very well into your unnecessary, overdramatic, hologram rooms, virtual reality rides, and random street yelling?" Stewart asked. "You can't use your Holodeck green-screen room to talk about global warming?"

Stewart pointed out that, while other networks devoted an average of around 22 minutes to covering an April 1 study carrying major warnings about the implications of climate change, CNN spent far less time on that story.

"Fox mostly to debunk it and MSNBC to see how it affected Hillary's [Clinton] chances of becoming president," Stewart conceded. "But CNN clocked in at two minutes -- technically, two minutes and 10 seconds. I guess CNN's only interested in the fate of what's floating in the world's oceans."

Stewart then had his correspondents illustrate how CNN's reporting style could be adapted to stories on climate change, with Jason Jones in a "holographic" hot tub to simulate someone "boiling" in rising waters.

"Best graphics team in the business," Jones boasted after the "illusion" faded, revealing him standing nearly-naked in a green screen. "They were even able to hide this ping-pong ball I always wear on my crotch for pleasure. It's for a different kind of special effect, if you know what I mean."

Meanwhile, Samantha Bee and Jessica Williams provided increasingly loud "live" reports in the style of CNN's coverage of the search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

"Jon, I'm here on the West side," Williams frantically told Stewart. "The apocalypse may have already happened. There are dogs here. I see nothing but dogs. They may be trying to form their own government, I don't know."

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