Political Junkies Segment On Equal Pay

I'm running a bit behind in my work this week, y'all, because of taxes (which yes, I should have done sooner) and going on the internet TV. But you can enjoy this quite satisfying panel I was on for HuffPost Live's show "Political Junkies". There's been so much back-and-forth and fighting over even the most rudimentary laws to protect a woman's right to equal pay for equal work that the broader discussion about how to improve women's economic fortunes has been largely ignored. So we tried not to ignore it.

Republicans wield "women's choices" like a cudgel to try to shut down the entire discussion about equal pay, but that in itself is a form of sexism, because the argument rests on the presumption that women are inherently more nurturing and inherently less ambitious than men. (Despite this belief in women's "inherent" tendencies, they sure do exert a lot of pressure screaming at women who don't do what we are supposedly "programmed" to do.) But, as Bryce Covert said, really it's just more a matter that someone has to wipe asses and pick kids up from school. Men won't do it, so women are left holding the bag. That is only a "choice", if you have lost all respect for either the connotation or denotation of that word.