School bus driver taunts crying child, encourages students to join in the bullying

A bus driver in Floresville, Texas is being criticized for not only taunting a child in her care, but for encouraging other students to bully her too.

Shortly before Spring Break, the bus driver -- known only as "Ms. Pat" -- dealt with an unknown child who was wracked with tears by yelling, "I want my momma," and chanting "cry baby, cry baby."

"Ms. Pat" then encouraged other students to join in, shouting "Ready? Ready?!!!" On the video, the other students on the bus can be heard following the bus driver's lead.

Monna Perez, the mother of one of the students who rides the bus, choked up herself when KSAT showed her the video.

"If you can't bully at school," she said. "Why are they allowing it on the bus?"

Another mother, who asked only to be identified as "Lucy," said that the driver "treated the child as if she was a child herself, bullying the child. Having the other children follow her example, that's just wrong."

"Lucy" told KSAT that earlier that morning, her son had asked her to drive him to school, and that after seeing the video, she "knows why."

KSAT contacted the Floresville Independent School District Superintendent, Dr. Sherri Bays, and showed her the video.

"I was very concerned with that and it's definitely not appropriate," Dr. Bays said after viewing the video. "I think she's acting very childish and immature." She said that "Ms. Pat" would be disciplined for her behavior, but that her contract with the district would not be terminated.

As of Monday, March 31, 2014, "Ms. Pat" had returned to driving her morning route.

Watch video of incident from KSAT below.

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