Maricopa County, Arizona's controversial anti-immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in a radio interview on Thursday that if he were as racist as people are against Italians like himself, "I’d be driven out of the country."

Arpaio -- whose department has been cited by the federal government on multiple occasions for racially profiling Latinos under the cover of enforcing immigration law -- was speaking to talk show host Joyce Kaufman.

Kaufman accused Attorney General Eric Holder of using his race as a means of silencing his critics, who include Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert (R), who has spent hours on Capitol Hill grilling Holder on a laundry list of perceived offenses.

Holder's patience has worn thin of late with his Congressional inquisitors. He has alleged that Tea Party politicians like Gohmert are flagrantly disrespectful of him for racial, as well as political, reasons.

"There’s no justice in the Justice Department, yesterday I heard the Attorney General say that he’s treated badly because he’s black," said Kaufman. "Come on, Sheriff Joe, everything is upside down in this country right now."

"Am I treated badly because I’m Italian?" Arpaio asked. "And they use that W-O-P on menus to this day. No one seems to care about that, but if I said something wrong I’d be driven out of the country. There’s double standards around today."

In March, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow called Arpaio and his Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan before the bench to warn Arpaio to follow a court order he was handed in 2012.

Snow demanded that Arpaio and his department stop using race as a determining issue when making law enforcement decisions. He also ruled that a citizens advisory board be formed, that Arpaio's officers should make audio and video recordings of all traffic stops, and that the department learn to keep proper records.

Listen to the interview, embedded below via Right Wing Watch: