WATCH: Uniformed officer kicks, trips high school students celebrating TX state soccer title

A uniformed officer with the Georgetown, Texas Police Department is being investigated after video surfaced of him kicking, tripping, and pushing over high school students after a Vandegrift High School soccer game.

In the video, students can be seen rushing on to the field to celebrate the first Texas state soccer championship for Vandegrift High School. As they do, the unnamed police officer begins to kick, trip, and push over students.

One of the students, wearing hot pink capri pants, is apparently injured by the officer's actions. The student can be seen in the video below hobbling off the field after being taken down by the officer.

A spokesman for the Georgetown Police Department told KXAN that parents emailed them the video beginning early on Sunday morning.

On Sunday evening, the Georgetown Police Department issued the following statement: "Georgetown administrators have taken the information and will be forwarding it to internal affairs for review and investigation."

Raw Story contacted the Georgetown Police Department and was told that more information regarding the investigation -- including the officer's identity -- would be made available later today. This story will be updated as soon as such information is available.

Watch the student-made video of the police officer tripping, kicking, and pushing over students via KXAN below.