In a column published at World Net Daily, conservative pundit and AM talk radio show host Alan Keyes said that "genocidal" President Barack Obama's defenders use the president's "black skin is some kind of magic cloak" to protect him from criticism. Right Wing Watch reported that Keyes -- an erstwhile presidential candidate and Senate challenger to then Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) -- said that Democrats are using that political cover to "overthrow the constitutional self-government of the American people" and carry out "an assault on religious liberty."

Obama, said Keyes, is on a mission to wipe out the black population through "the targeted promotion of abortion in the black community. Throughout his career, Obama has shilled for this genocidal movement with fanatical zeal."

This is how Keyes interprets Obama's dedication to women's health issues, especially among the poor and uninsured, a commitment that dates back to his days in Chicago as a community organizer.

Keyes went on to say that many in the Republican Party have shunned him as an extremist, but this, he said, is just a sign that mainstream Republicans "are deeply committed to collaborating with Obama as he carries out the elitist faction’s effort to overthrow the constitutional self-government of the American people."

Republicans, Keyes said, need to "do what’s necessary to organize the nation’s political will in order to apply the provisions of the Constitution that empower the American people to end his lawless tenure."

Unfortunately, he continued, the president's allies "falsely evoke and manipulate the racial fixation. They pretend that Obama’s black skin is some kind of magic cloak that prevents the nation from interfering with his systematic nullification of the Supreme Law of the Land."

Keyes concluded with a prayer that the American people will "recognize and reject the 'leaders' complicit in this assault on righteous liberty, whatever party label they wear. And so that they remember, instead, that God has provided the only leadership we need, dwelling in every heart that has accepted the word by which He fulfills His promise of salvation."