Calif. lawmaker leaves prayer event after James Dobson calls Obama 'the abortion president'
James Dobson 050114 [HuffPo]

Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA) blasted Focus on the Family founder James Dobson on Thursday after Dobson called President Barack Obama "the abortion president" during an event honoring the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, the Huffington Post reported.

"He goes on about health care and providing abortions, and at that point I stood up and I pointed my finger at Dr. Dobson and I said, 'This is inappropriate!' and walked out," Hahn was quoted as saying after her departure.

Dobson's wife, Shirley Dobson, heads the Christian non-profit task-force that organized the event, which was sponsored by Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL). During his speech, Dobson read from a letter he allegedly sent to 250,000 people saying he would not support Obama's "wicked regulations" regarding reproductive health.

"President Obama, before he was elected, made it very clear that he wanted to be the abortion president," Dobson said. "He didn't make any bones about it. This is something that he really was going to promote and support, and he has done that, and in a sense he is the abortion president."

Though the task force's vice chairperson, John Bornschein, said last month that Thursday's event was "not about proselytizing," Hahn, who is the co-chair of a weekly prayer breakfast attended by lawmakers, accused Dobson of dismissing the idea that it was a non-partisan gathering.

"It was very disturbing to me, and really a shame," Hahn told the Post. "James Dobson hijacked the National Day of Prayer -- this nonpartisan, nonpolitical National Day of Prayer -- to promote his own distorted political agenda."

Watch Dobson's remarks, as posted online on Thursday, below.