Colorado cop's ex-wife might be running cancer scam -- again
Colorado cop's ex-wife might be running cancer scam again [KCNC-TV]

A Colorado woman was arrested amid suspicion she was using Twitter to pretend for the second time to be a cancer patient asking for donations, KCNC-TV reported on Thursday.

Ann Crall was charged with failing to appear in court on separate theft charges in Arapahoe County. Crall is already serving a 10-year "intense probation" sentence from 2011 for swindling 230 victims out of more than $58,000 for her first scam.

"Miss Crall committed what I view as an egregious offense when she defrauded coworkers and law enforcement officials under the guise she was in fact suffering from cancer," Jefferson County District Attorney Peter Weir told KCNC on Thursday.

At the time of her sentencing, Crall, who was married to Lakewood Police Officer Richard Crall, told the court she wanted to become an addictions counselor. Her then-husband also asked the court not to put her in prison.

"[I] never set out to manipulate all the hearts and people that I hurt," she was quoted as saying. "That's not who I am. That's who I was. I'm so, so sorry. I cannot repay the trust to those I hurt.

Since then, however, Crall's probation has been revoked in Jefferson County after being charged with theft and drug-related offenses. Weir's office is investigating whether she is behind a Twitter account claiming to have received treatment from a local branch of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.

"When the day starts by having to pull over to the side of the highway and throw up…you’ve gotta know you’ll be doing battle all day," one post read.

Crall has allegedly also failed to make much progress in her promise to repay her initial victims, which was part of her sentencing conditions.

"It would be the position of my office that Miss Crall has earned her way into the department of corrections and this is where she deserved to be," Weir was quoted as saying.

Watch KCNC's report, as aired on Thursday, below.