GA Republican: Having same-sex parents is a 'tragedy' like losing your mother or father

One of the seven Republican candidates running for Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)'s seat in Congress said in an interview that growing up with same-sex parents is a "tragedy" akin to losing a family member in a car accident.

According to BuzzFeed, Rev. Jody Hice said on his Culture and Values Network radio show that "homosexuals have the right to be married” but not “to one another.”

He compared same-sex marriage to vandalism and defacement of public property and said that widespread acceptance of LGBT people will cause "drastic and irretrievable consequences, both for the future of marriage and for the future of family and the future of child-raising."

“If a child loses a mom or dad in a car accident, we all think that’s a tragedy,” Hice continued. “And yet in a same-sex relationship, there is an intentional, deliberate doing away with one gender or another.”

The Georgia Republican primary election takes place Tuesday, May 20.

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