Hooters claims that hackers were responsible for offensive jokes on its Facebook page

On Saturday, jokes that made fun of small-breasted women and claimed rape victims were "asking for it" appeared on Hooter's official Facebook page.

The rape joke was targeted for outrage by Jezebel's Mark Shrayber, who wrote that "Hooters' whole business model is to be sexy and playful, but whoever was running the social media over on the site this morning really messed up when they thought that posting a picture that suggests that women ask to be raped would be an appropriate thing to put on the site."

After learning about the posts, Hooters tweeted:

A few hours later, it posted the following on Facebook:

Some have questioned whether the page was actually "compromised" by hackers out to tarnish the restaurant chain's reputation, especially in light of the material regularly posted on its page: "I don't expect much from a restaurant that makes its female employees wear bright orange booty shorts with taupe tights and pretend to laugh at its male customers' shit jokes."

Earlier, the following post -- officially countenanced by the company -- appeared on its Facebook page:

["Hooters Girls Posing As Charlie'S Angels" on Shutterstock]