John Fugelsang skewers GOP and Karl Rove: You should've led the way on marriage equality
John Fugelsang 052314 [MSNBC]

Progressive comedian John Fugelsang blistered Karl Rove and the Republican Party in an interview with MSNBC host Ed Schultz on Friday for their decade of opposition to marriage equality, arguing that it has left them behind on other social policy issues this year.

"The beautiful irony is that Karl Rove built this house of lies," Fugelsang told Schultz and Raw Story managing director Mike Rogers. "Karl Rove, 10 years ago, was telling us that 'your heterosexual marriage will be hanging by a thread if you let these gays have the same liberty.' Conservatives should've been leading this fight. This is all about freedom and liberty to begin with. But people opposed to same-sex marriage tend to be trapped in lame-sex marriage."

With North Dakota now the only U.S. state that has not faced a lawsuit challenging a ban on same-sex marriages, Rogers observed that the rising acceptance of marriage equality across the country has built the kind of popular critical mass that the advocacy group Freedom To Marry has tried to create.

"What we have since June [2013], since the famous Windsor ruling out of the Supreme Court, not one lawsuit has been lost," Rogers explained, referring to the multiple state bans that have been struck down in the courts. "Somebody will step up because we love North Dakota, obviously, Ed, and somebody will step up and make that happen."

Schultz reported that 30 states now face legal challenges to their own marriage equality bans, all of which Fugelsang predicted would be struck down as a result of the rise in social acceptance of same-sex couples, particularly among young Americans.

"I think the turning point in many ways has been this wave across the country," Rogers said. "You look at the nation, 44 percent of [LGBT] Americans can now marry in the state that they live, and many other states are now recognizing it. John hit the nail right on the head. It's folks coming out and being honest, but also, John, people like you and people like you, Ed, who've been out there as our allies in the forefront, bringing our friends along."

The end result, Fugelsang told Schultz, was a conservative shift from running on the "gays, God and guns" platform to other tactics.

"2014 is going to be Benghazi, Benghazi, and Benghazi, Ed," Fugelsang said. "They haven't got any kind of legislative agenda, they know they've lost on this, they know they're losing on immigration reform. They're gonna dig up all these phony scandals, they will exploit those four murdered Americans to use against their commander-in-chief as a cheap smear for votes."

Watch the discussion, as aired on Friday, below.