Jon Stewart tells Bill O'Reilly: Beyoncé's limo sex music video is really 'a conservative utopia'
Jon Stewart and pencil [YouTube]

Bill O'Reilly's worrying about Beyoncé's video for the song "Drunk In Love," Daily Show host Jon Stewart said on Thursday, is misguided. In fact, he said, O'Reilly should be pleased by it.

"That song is about two married, incredibly successful entrepreneurs with a child in a stable relationship enjoying one of the sacraments of marriage in the back of a luxurious automobile," Stewart explained. "If that's not a conservative utopia, I don't know what is."

O'Reilly has targeted the singer and that particular track as part of a series of commentaries against what he describes as rampant teen pregnancy in the U.S., but Stewart said "a cynic" might ask if the Fox News host is also showing footage from the video in an effort to titillate his viewers by giving them "disapproval boners."

"There is very little in this world that I like better than an upset Bill O'Reilly," Stewart confessed. "Because the tone is Levittown covered in a souson of Harvard, served on a delicious bed of nostalgic judgmentalism."

Stewart did point out, however, that O'Reilly frequently fails to mention that teen pregnancies in the country have actually declined since Beyoncé became a pop star in 1997.

"So you believe the issue here, after careful study, is that you don't believe America is ready for this jelly," Stewart concluded, only to be challenged by correspondent Jessica Williams.

"I wouldn't jump the gun on those stats, Jon," Williams warned. "She dropped that sex album last December and something tells me that, come June, the line for auditions for Teen Mom is gonna be jumpin', jumpin'."

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