Massachusetts woman charged with unlawful wiretapping for recording her own arrest
Police officer arresting a woman with handcuffs (Shutterstock)

A Massachusetts woman arrested for disorderly conduct and an open container violation will also be charged with unlawful wiretapping after police discovered that she had surreptitiously recorded the entire arrest.

Karen Dziewit of Chicopee was arrested early Sunday morning after neighbors complained that she was screaming, yelling, and generally disturbing of the tenants of her building. When police arrived, she continued her intoxicated rant, leaving them with no choice but to arrest her.

As they did, however, Springfield Police Captain Harry Kastrinakis told Mass Live that Dziewit activated the voice recording feature on her smart phone and slipped it into her purse.

Police discovered that the arrest had been taped when they inventoried the contents of her purse after the arrest. According to Massachusetts law, private citizens are allowed to record video and audio of public officials -- including police officers -- in a public place, so long as they inform the official of the recording.

Because Dziewit recorded her arrest without the arresting officer's consent, she violated the state statute against wiretapping.

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