Montana House candidate: If immigration isn't halted, GOP faces 'extinction-level event'

On Wednesday evening, candidates for Montana's lone seat in the House of Representatives gathered to debate the nation's "hot topics" one last time before next Tuesday's vote.

One of the candidates, Drew Turiano, spoke candidly about the dangers he believes immigration poses to the future of conservatism, generally, and the Republican Party specifically.

"We should have a moratorium on all immigration to this country or -- according to all the data -- it will be the end of the Republican party and conservatism in ten years or less," he began.

"Most immigrants who come to America," he said, "are big government people, so they're going to support the party of big government -- the Democrats. They're not going to support the party of small government -- the Republicans."

"Why would they want to support the Republican Party anyway?" he asked. "Mr. Obama and the Democrats give them free education, free health care, free welfare, free housing -- free everything!"

"Republicans cannot compete with that," he continued. "We will not win any future elections, we will lose -- unless a moratorium is placed right now on all immigration."

"Who are these people -- these Democrats -- who are going to rule America in perpetuity?" he asked. "They're not Jackson Democrats, they're not even Truman Democrats. I really don't even know who the Hell these people are. All I know is, they booed God at their convention a couple of years ago."

"What does this mean for the future of Christianity in this country?" he wondered. "All I know is that Mr. Obama has populated his administration with self-professed Marxists and Maoists. What does this mean for the future of the Constitution? The Bill of Rights? Capitalism? Humanity?"

"American conservatives are looking at an extinction-level event in this country," he continued, "unless we place a moratorium on immigration right now. We're looking at a political singularity -- the annihilation of conservatism in this country in ten years or less!"

Last year, Turiano called for "another Operation Wetback," referring to an Eisenhower-era program that deported over 1.4 million illegal immigrants. President Eisenhower, Turiano said, "repatriated them along with their American-born children. President Eisenhower did that, it was called Operation Wetback. I think America needs another Operation Wetback."

Watch Turiano's entire statement below.

[Image via official Drew Turiano for U.S. Congress website]