The National Journal reported Monday that a California Republican candidate for Congress is attempting to pass off their work as an investigative report of his own.

According to the Journal, Carl DeMaio (R) recently issued a report on congressional members who are 'double-dipping' -- drawing a government pension atop their congressional salaries --  that highlighted his opponent, Scott Peters (D) who represents California's 52nd congressional district.

Reviewing the report, the Journal noticed that it had been cut and pasted -- down to the text, colors, and abbreviations -- from a National Journal database created to accompany a cover story on congressional double-dipping last June.

The document states "Report by Carl DeMaio" on the first page and does not credit the Journal.

In addition to making a few slight changes -- such as adding dollar signs and commas -- the DeMaio campaign added his opponent's name, which had not been in the original. Peters had filed for an extension when the original database was published, making the information unavailable.

Responding to the Journal, a spokesman for DeMaio said the former city councilman had been studying congressional salaries since 2004.

"As Carl takes his pension-reform efforts national, the campaign expanded his list to include members of Congress, using publicly available data including Member Financial Interest Disclosures and the previous reporting done by National Journal," Dave McCulloch said.

McCulloch also claimed DeMaio's report was "the first report on Double Dipping covering the current Congress," despite the fact that no new financial disclosures have been released since the National Journal published their report in June.

Peter's office recently told the Wall Street Journal that he donates  his pension to local libraries.

DeMaio recently ran for Mayor of San Diego, losing to former Congressman Bob Filner who resigned less than a year after being elected over allegations of sexual misconduct. Filner later pleaded guilty to battery and false imprisonment.