TN Republican who compared Obamacare to Nazi death camps says we missed his point
State Sen. Stacey Campfield (

A Tennessee Republican lawmaker who said that the Affordable Care Act is like the Nazi holocaust from World War II has doubled down on his remarks and said that everyone upset by the remarks has missed his point.

According to Talking Points Memo, State Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) wrote a blog post on Monday that said, "Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of manditory [sic] sign ups for 'train rides' for Jews in the 40s."

Buzzfeed reporter Even McMorris-Santoro tweeted a link to Campfield's post and the Tennessee lawmaker's remarks went viral, prompting a storm of protest.

Campfield responded on Monday night by chiding his critics and accusing them of missing the point.

"I regret that some people miss the point of my post. It was not to offend. It was to warn," wrote Campfield. "To draw attention to Obamacare and the slippery slope that I see occurring in the lives of myself, my constituents, and the rest of the country with the continued taking of freedom by the federal government."

He went on, "In no way was my post meant to diminish or detract from the pain, suffering and loss of human life that occurred during this dark time in human history. Instead the post was meant to draw attention to the loss of freedom that we are currently experiencing. I stand by my steadfast opposition to Obamacare."

In an interview with the AP on Monday afternoon, Campfield said that "Jewish people should be the first to stand up against Obamacare" because of its similarities to the atrocities carried out by the Nazi Party.

"When you have government deciding who gets health insurance and who doesn't," he insisted, "what services they get and what services they have to provide, they're really deciding who lives and who dies."

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