CA nanny who won't leave couple's home filed litany of lawsuits against her own family
California nanny refuses to leave live-in job site [KCBS-TV]

A 64-year-old California woman who has drawn national attention for refusing to leave her employers' home has seemingly disappeared as her litigious history came to light, ABC News reported on Friday.

Marcella Bracamonte, who hired Diane Stretton to be her family's live-in nanny in March, told ABC that Stretton has not been seen in the residence since Thursday morning, though her belongings are still in her room.

"I have no idea where she goes. I don't know what happened," Bracamonte was quoted as saying.

After living and working with the family for a few weeks, Stretton refused to leave when Bracamonte and her husband, Ralph, tried to fire her, forcing them to begin eviction proceedings against her. Police determined they could not arrest Stretton since she had established residency in the home.

The couple later discovered that Stretton had been named to the state's list of "vexatious litigants" for her tendency to file lawsuits lacking merit out of a desire to prolong any legal action against her. KCBS-TV reported that Stretton is involved in a host of lawsuits with people from around the U.S., involving rental cars, appliance purchases, traffic accidents and at least one dispute with a homeowners association.

And according to ABC, Stretton also sued her sisters after their father "specifically and expressly" omitted her from his will. Stretton has since filed suit against her sisters to block their attempts to sell family property, and has also sued her son for "property damage and personal injury."

On Wednesday, the Bracamontes presented Stretton with a formal eviction notice. She has until Saturday to respond.

Watch KCBS' report on Stretton's legal history, as aired on Thursday, below.