Colorado congressman caught doing odd push-ups in Denver airport

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), who offered to do push-ups in exchange for donations late last year, was seen doing them seemingly out of the blue, Colorado Pols reported on Monday.

Coffman was allegedly "standing nonchalantly at his gate" at Denver International Airport last Thursday when he began exercising. The display was captured in this .GIF file:


Coffman, who is running for re-election out of his state's 6th congressional district, pledged to do one push-up for each dollar donated to his campaign during a 24-hour period at the end of last year.

His campaign manager, Tyler Sandberg, described the exercise as a regular hobby for Coffman in an April 2014 interview with the Colorado Statesman.

"He's up at 4 a.m. every day, and he still does 500 push-ups every single day -- he's got the scars on his palms to prove it and the holes in his suit jackets," Sandberg was quoted as saying. "He does it before votes, between fundraising calls, between contact calls -- he'll do a hundred calls to undecided voters and a hundred push-ups, a hundred calls to undecided voters and a hundred push-ups."

Coffman's office did not respond to a request for a comment on the airport photo.