Daily Show host Jon Stewart hammered Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and the state GOP on Tuesday for endorsing gay "reparative" therapy in their party platform while refusing to allow more of their constituents to get access to basic health care.

"You know what's sad? Being gay is not a choice, but being a Texas Republican is," Stewart said. "So my advice is the next time you feel the urge to be a Texas Republican, to replace science textbooks with pictures of humans riding dinosaurs, or ban same-sex marriage, or put on [a GOP elephant hat], sh*t in a jar and sniff it. It won't cure you, the science proves that. But do it anyway. Hopefully it'll remind you of what a*sholes you're being."

Stewart's remark was a reference to one technique employed by the widely-discredited form of therapy, which the party claimed in its platform had "legitimacy and value."

He cited an October 2012 column in The Advocate, in which a former "ex-gay" therapy recipient said his therapist "ordered me to bottle my feces and to sniff it whenever I was attracted to a man."

As this was going on, Stewart observed, Perry was in San Francisco publicly comparing homosexuality to alcoholism, saying he saw them in "the same way."

"What, a public safety issue?" Stewart asked. "Worried a gay person, they'll be out, they won't be able to stop at one c*ck, and then after having too many c*cks, get into their gaymobile and rear-end somebody? Is that what you're worried about?"

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Tuesday, below.