Operation American Spring returns, gathering in the tens to yell 'Benghazi' at the White House

The Tea Party-backed "revolutionary patriots" who call themselves "Operation American Spring" (OAS) have continued their attempt to overthrow the federal government.

When the group first announced itself, it claimed that "10 million to 30 million American patriots" would join them on May 16, 2014 for a protest patterned in equal parts on the Occupy movement and the "Arab Spring" protests.

At the height of Operation "Beginning Of Tyranny Housecleaning," OAS fell far short of its expected attendance, with charitable estimates placing the number of attendees at approximately 450. Since that time, a handful of protestors have remained, and every day they stand in front of the White House and yell at it.

The group published a letter today asking other protest movements to "[t]ake advantage of the powerful vessel OAS has established on the D.C. Mall to get your worthy message in front of America and the lawless occupiers of leadership."

A video of this "power vessel" can be found below. In it, eight men, three women, and one dog can be seen marching, military style, in front of the White House. When they stop, they turn toward it and yell "Remember! Benghazi!" repeatedly. At the 1:33 mark, a D.C. police officer approaches the group's leader.

"He might not be a First Amendment friend," the woman operating the camera can be heard to say.

After a brief conversation, the group's leader returns to his charges and informs them that it is time to leave for the day. As they leave, they sing a song, the lyrics to which are: "Well here we go (here we go), we're at it again (we're at it again) -- we're Operation American Spring."

Watch a video of a police officer questioning the protestors below.