'The Daily Show' blames 'wealthy, white liberal enclaves' for anti-vaxxer disinfo
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Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee was shocked to learn on Monday that the people fueling the rising anti-vaccination sentiment in the country aren't "right-wing nutjobs," but people uncomfortably like her.

"Oh my God," Bee gasped. "Wealthy white liberal enclaves are at risk. It's an outbreak of f*cking misinformation."

"Patient Zero," Bee figured out, was Sarah Pope, who runs the Healthy Home Economist lifestyle blog.

Pope, who has previously instructed her readers to lie to their pediatricians if they are giving their children raw milk, told Bee she thought vaccines were "full of toxins," and refused to give them to her children.

Pope also took issue with scientific consensus about the dangers of ignoring vaccines, asking Bee, "It's a consensus of who?"

"What does 'consensus' really mean, anyway?" Bee replied. "It's just a really fancy word for 'overwhelming agreement.'"

But as Vaccine Education Center director Phill Offit explained to Bee, Pope fits the profile of the vaccine denier.

"They're communities which have large concentrations of Caucasian, upper middle-class residents who are college-educated, often graduate school-educated," Offit said. "Who believe by simply Googling the term 'vaccine' on the internet, they can know as much, if not more, than anyone who's giving them advice."

"It's happening in my community?" Bee asked. "People who juice?"

"That's exactly where it's happening," he said, confirming her fears.

Watch Bee search for the cure to vaccine denialism, as posted online on Monday, below.

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