Washington woman places signs in her window calling neighbors' children 'N*GGERS'

A woman in Spokane, Washington has escalated her feud with her neighbors by placing racially offensive signs in her windows.

Jennifer Garrison told KXLY that she feels like "a prisoner in my own home. I can't enjoy my front yard, I can't go into my backyard."

She said that her neighbor typically places signs "based around hillbillies and has a picture of her hand flipping us off and it says 'hillbillies' underneath it."

Her boyfriend approached her neighbor and informed her that their family is redneck, not hillbilly, which compelled her to place another sign in her window that read "NO UR N*GGERS."

Garrison believes this is a reference to her two children, who are half-Cambodian. "I don't care if they're blue or purple, they're kids. Leave them alone, that's all I want," she said.

For her part, the neighbor said that the Garrison family have been a public nuisance since moving in two years ago. She claims they keep a messy yard and have regularly reported her dog to the police.

Spokane Police said that their feud has yet to cross the line into actual harassment, because the signs in the window are protected speech under the First Amendment.

Watch the full report on the feud from KXLY here.