Anti-abortion group targets MN Planned Parenthood facility that doesn't perform abortions

Anti-abortion activists in Minnesota are protesting outside of a new Planned Parenthood affiliate in Richfield despite the fact that the facility doesn't offer abortion procedures, Cosmopolitan reported.

The new Planned Parenthood location in South Minneapolis provides access to contraception, as well as family planning and sexual health services -- and because it can be easily reached by public transit, it can provide those services to many citizens who live outside the immediate community.

The Pro-Life Action Ministries (PLAM), however, targeted the facility anyway, claiming that "[a] Planned Parenthood satellite clinic refers for and promotes abortion to both minors and those of age." Moreover, the group claims the clinic will provide abortions, saying that "[i]t dispenses the so-called 'morning after pill,' which most often causes an early abortion instead of acting as a contraceptive."

Since the facility opened, PLAM has begun a campaign of "sidewalk counseling" outside its doors, as well as distributing leaflets throughout the neighborhood. The leaflets claim that Planned Parenthood offers "dangerous contraception," "promotes and encourages sex with limits," and is "destroying families." They direct women in need of reproductive health assistance to First Care Pregnancy Center, which is a Catholic program that adheres to the Church's ban on contraception.

As Cosmopolitan's Robin Marty noted, "the multi-tactic, multi-level daily campaign being waged against just one clinic such as PLAM is doing is a new and unusual escalation." There is at least one person outside the Richfield facility every day harassing women who attempt to enter the building.

PLAM claimed that its protests are legitimate because the facility dispenses "abortion-inducing drugs," which is the same fallacious argument cited by the majority in the Hobby Lobby decision.

[Image via PLAM Facebook page]