Christian groups call for boycott of 'Boondocks' creator's new comedy, 'Black Jesus'

Christian groups are trying to boycott the new Adult Swim comedy Black Jesus before its first episode even airs, The Root reported today.

The Christian group One Million Moms wrote on its website that the series -- which was produced by The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder and stars Gerald "Slink" Johnson in the titular role -- is "blasphemous" because it "depicts [Jesus] living in Compton Gardens and makes a mockery of our Lord."

In the trailer (below), "Jesus" is seen spouting profanity and explaining that he's entitled to more marijuana because he "died for your f*cking sins." It is also clear from the trailer that the main narrative of the series will concern whether the man who claims to be "Jesus" is, in fact, the Christian savior or just another messianic figure like David Koresh.

One Million Moms claimed that the trailer alone "makes a mockery of our lord. The foul language used in the trailer, including using the lord's name in vain, is disgusting." The group hopes that "[i]f we speak with one voice now, we can keep this program from ever seeing the light of day."

On Facebook, Pastor David Rodgers, claiming to speak for "the Christian Community of America," wrote a letter to Adult Swim in which it claimed that "level of disrespect aimed at the depiction of our Lord and Savior is inexcusable. We are hard pressed to find any value in this program, its message or its purpose. As a group of believers, we are prepared to launch a mass campaign and boycott of your channel and any advertisers that are financially profiting from this program."

Moreover, Rodgers demanded "a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the Christian Community at large," noting that "[t]here is no way that this show would be aimed at the Jewish or Muslim community." Groups threatening to boycott the show were quick to note that their objections were religious, not racial.

Anthony Pollard, the administrator of the "Boycott the 'Black Jesus' TV Show" Facebook page, wrote that the boycott "has nothing to do with color or ethnicity, the historical Jesus was a Hebrew. This TV show is an insult to the beliefs, traditions, values, and most dearly held truths of the Christian faith. It paints a totally unbiblical, unrealistic caricature of Jesus of Nazareth."

Focal Point host Bryan Fischer put out an "action alert" on his show yesterday because Black Jesus will depict Christ "in the hood," where he will be "handing out booze to people on the street, homeless people, it looks like to me." He went on to note that he believes the show "plays to the worst stereotypes of the black community," and expressed surprise that "black leaders in the NAACP" weren't already "outraged" by it.

Watch the entire Focal Point segment on the show below.