Colbert slams conservative outrage over 'vulgarity' of HBO vampire show 'True Blood'

On last night's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert mocked conservative outrage over the depiction of Republicans on the HBO vampire show True Blood.

"It makes me so sad to give a wag of my finger to True Blood," Colbert began, "for making my blood truly boil with last week's episode in which the vampires snuck into a benefit for Ted Cruz in a transparent Hollywood attack on Republicans."

He then showed a clip from the show, in which two of the characters attend the benefit disguised as "assholes." The clip ends with one of them dolling herself up, looking in the mirror, and declaring herself a "Republic*nt."

"You hear that?" Colbert responded. "A Republi-c-word-I-can't-say. Well played, Hollywood, that's the most devastating critique of a political ideology since Karl Marx published Das Kapi-Taint."

He then cut to a clip from Fox & Friends in which "many" asked whether "the vulgarity of the attacks" went "too far." One of those critics, Truth Revolt's Ben Shapiro, answered that "television is all about attitude implantation. It's all about creating feelings inside of you...Most people don't know who Ted Cruz is, they vote based largely on the feelings they have implanted by the entertainment industry."

"Well said," Colbert replied. "Television entertainment drives our political discourse. Remember, no one was talking about income inequality until the debut of 2 Broke Girls."

"But we should not be surprised at all," he continued, "that vampires are Democrats -- after all, they scream when they see a cross."

Watch the entire episode of The Colbert Report via Hulu below.