Crazy racist Bachmann story so believable liberal websites fall for parody
Michele Bachmann speaks on House floor (C-SPAN)

Multiple news organizations in the past week were duped by a satirical news organization into publishing stories in which Minnesota Republican Representative Michele Bachmann is said to have called for the creation of "Americanization facilities" for unaccompanied immigrant children.

"I’m calling on all of us, Obama and Congress and everyone, to chip in and build special new facilities," she allegedly said, before adding, "'Americanization facilities,' if you will."

However, it turns out that interview, often sourced to KCTV7, was plagiarized from an openly satirical site, The National Report. The KCTV7 report lifted large passages of the Bachmann "interview" and accompanying text from The National Report website verbatim.

Moreover, the site for KCTV7 only contains four other stories, all of which were posted within two days of the one in which Bachmann allegedly said that the children would "spend half of their day working, and the other half learning what every child should learn, and that’s English, you know, English and American history. And as soon as they learn English with some degree of fluency, they can attend local schools, maybe with a voucher program, or something like that. And then they could work when they aren’t in school."

The site is also littered with broken tags and lacks any sort of informative masthead, merely noting that "KCTV7 is a Kansas City news site that reports local and world news, as well as American politics." KCTV5, however, is an actual television station that broadcasts in Kansas City.

The story was picked up by liberal outlets ThinkProgress, Crooks and Liars, and Daily Kos, and spread like wildfire through conservative forums like those devoted to Fox Host Sean Hannity.