End-times broadcaster tells viewer: Yes, Obamacare is readying us for Mark of the Beast

Religious right broadcaster Matthew Hagee assured a viewer on this week’s “Hagee Hotline” that the Affordable Care Act was paving the way for the Antichrist.

The viewer, identified as Vickie, submitted a question about the health care law and its relevance to biblical prophesy, reported Right Wing Watch.

“Does Obamacare increase the risk of America supporting one world government measures?” she asked.

Hagee, the son of megachurch pastor and End Times evangelist John Hagee, agreed that President Barack Obama’s signature legislation would do just that.

“Obamacare is the kind of legislation that causes people to depend more on the government than to take responsibility for themselves, and anytime individuals are willing to depend more on the government, they are preparing themselves for the kind of global dictatorship that is described in the End Times,” Hagee said.

He hedged a bit, saying that Obamacare would not necessarily lead to the one-world dictatorship described in the Book of Revelations.

“Now I’m not saying that Obamacare takes us towards that, I’m saying that it’s the kind of behavior that allows that,” Hagee said.

But he said the law would condition Christians to accept the Mark of the Beast, which some believe foretells a supranational currency and some sort of physical mark made to the body that will be required for economic transactions.

“It is the kind of mental mindset and kind of thought process that enables someone to look at a leader in the future and say, ‘Certainly, you can give me a mark and that mark will give me in terms of trading and doing all of the things that I want to do, buying and selling of goods and services, no problem; I'll do it because you're the government and you say I need it,'” Hagee said.

“So legislation like this that requires us, as individuals, to yield our personal responsibilities to the government leads us on a path and in a direction that in the end will take us to what the Bible describes as a one-world government,” he added.

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