FL Republican: Child migrants bringing culture of thievery, rape and murder

A Florida Republican congressman said on Monday that the child migrants arriving in waves at the U.S.-Mexico border shouldn't be described as "children" when he believes they would be more accurately described as "gang members" who are trying to import a culture of "thievery," rape and murder into this country.

Buzzfeed published the remarks, which Rep. Rich Nugent (R) made during a call-in session for Ocala's conservative talk radio station WOCA.

Republicans don't want to treat the refugees "inhumanely," he said. However, "We can't, you know, we can't just allow anybody to come flooding across our borders because what do we do? How do we pay for that?"

"A lot of these 'children' -- quote-unquote -- you know, the first caller mentioned it, you know, they’re gang members," he went on. "They’re gang affiliated.”

"Listen, if you’re 14, 15, 16, 17 years old and you’re coming from a country that’s gang-infested, particularly with MS-13 types. That is the most aggressive of all the street gangs. When you have those types coming across the border, they’re not children at that point," he said.

"These kids have been brought up in a culture of thievery," Nugent insisted. "A culture of murder, of rape, all those types of things. And we are going to now infuse them into the American culture, it’s just ludicrous.”

Thousands of undocumented minor children have tried to enter the U.S. in recent months, most of whom are fleeing violence and economic instability in their home regions. Most of the children turn themselves in to immigration authorities as soon as they meet them because the children have been told that the U.S. doesn't deport minor children.

Attempts to house, feed and relocate the children have been met with vicious, flag-waving protests across the country by Tea Partiers, nativists and other conservative activists. %