Missing NC woman accused of faking her death to escape identity theft trial

Authorities in both North and South Carolina are searching for a 42-year-old woman accused of faking her own drowning to escape prosecution, WSOC-TV reported on Wednesday.

A warrant was served against Amy Lynette Arrington for failing to appear in court in Charlotte on Monday in connection to charges including identity theft, being a habitual felon and obtaining property by false pretense. She is accused of using another woman's account information to pay a bank bill of nearly $7,500, as well as buy thousands' of dollars worth of merchandise online.

Her husband, Paul David Arrington, now faces charges in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for conspiring with her to file a false police report stating that she drowned during a beach excursion on July 5.

The Gaston Gazette reported that Paul Arrington told a lifeguard that he lost sight of his wife after she went into the water. Local authorities spent most of the evening searching for her before suspecting her disappearance had been faked.

"Love does crazy things," Paul Arrington's nephew, Joseph Arrington, told WSOC. "When things eventually turned up, like criminal record and stuff I couldn't believe it. Because she seemed like a perfect, I mean, normal person."

Amy Arrington was convicted of fraud in February 2006 and served 34 months in jail. She also has separate convictions in four North Carolina counties. WSOC reported that she has also gone by the names Amy Goebel, Amy Robinson and Amy Sutton.

Watch WSOC's report on Arrington's alleged plot, as aired on Wednesday, below.