MN Repub candidate with weird ideas about AIDS also thinks dinosaurs 'lived with man'

Republican congressional candidate Bob Frye, who drew attention to himself last week over his absolutely inaccurate description of AIDS virus infections, has also testified before Minnesota lawmakers that dinosaurs existed alongside men, the political blog Bluestem Prairie reported on Monday.

According to audio from Frye's testimony to the state Senate Education Committee in January 2004, Frye opposed the inclusion of the theory of evolution in the standard curriculum. He illustrated his position in part by bringing what was described as a "large plastic femur" with him, as seen here:

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Frey testified at the time that, while proponents of evolution argued "that humans probably evolved from bacteria that lived more than four billion years ago, that's not what we find in the fossil record. There's this 16-foot tall giant was found with numerous others around the world. Dinosaurs have always lived with man. Is the rock wrong or is the theory wrong? I suggest to you that the theory is wrong."

After clarifying to the committee that he had brought a replica and not an actual dinosaur bone, Frey said he had 25 hours' worth of material covering, among other things, the repercussions of teaching the "known fraud" of evolution.

"Numerous of them have found up in Wisconsin, Texas, Egypt, Turkey, around the world," Frye said of the "bone." "The Bible says, 'There were giants in the land in those days,' in the early days. This shows that things are winding down, not winding up."

The "giants" Frye mentioned are part of the "young Earth" school of thought, which holds that the planet is around 6,000 years old. Frye was also reportedly the head of a creationist group that blamed the teaching of evolution for increases in social violence.

As The Raw Story reported last week, Frye repeated his son's theories on the AIDS virus in an interview with MinnPost, blaming it on anal sex by saying that an enzyme contained in sperm "causes the immune system to fail."

Listen to audio from Frye's testimony, as posted online on Monday, below.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]