More conservatives hit Twitter, explain to women that only dirty girls do sex

You may see a happy couple, but some see a harlot and her male accessory.

Even though the Hobby Lobby case is actually fairly limited and may not, in the end, deprive any women of their contraception access, conservatives on Twitter seemed to believe that it constituted a ban on insurance coverage of contraception. Ecstatic at the belief that stupid sluts ("Slut"in conservative parlance=anyone who has sex on purpose while female) are getting punished, they went to Twitter. I collected some tweets and some of the general arguments being floated on Storify.

The thing I found interesting was how many of them screamed "buy your own!" at me. This is stupid for two extremely obvious reasons. One, using insurance to buy contraception is, in fact, buying your own. That insurance belongs to you, and is neither your boss's nor, as some conservatives seemed to believe, a public entitlement program. Second, there is no reason to believe any of the feminists they're screaming at work for Hobby Lobby or any of the other companies that want to opt out. Which suggests "buy your own" is just a new form of conservative gibberish to give voice to their fear and loathing of female sexuality and should not be taken literally.