Ohio LGBT advocates criticize 'Straight White Guy festival' flyers prank
'Blond Hair Blue Eyed Man Holds His Thumbs Up' [Shutterstock]

Gay rights advocates in Columbus, Ohio, have criticized the appearance of flyers allegedly promoting a "straight white guy festival" at the same park that hosts the city's LGBT pride event, WBNS-TV reported.

"This kind of thing implies there's some kind of struggle going on for being a straight white person in Ohio," said Michael Premo, Ohio campaign manager for the advocacy group Why Marriage Matters. "Straight white people are doing just fine."

The flyers were spotted in Clintonville, a neighborhood with a history of being accepting toward local LGBT residents, bearing the message, "Come help us celebrate our enjoyment of being straight, white and male," and a Sept. 20 event date at Goodall Park, which hosted the local Pride festival last month.

straight white guy festival

According to WBNS, local officials said no permits had been filed to hold such an event, suggesting that the flyers are a hoax.

The neighborhood is located near the campus of Ohio State University, which was ranked by another organization, Campus Pride, among the top 25 LGBT-friendly colleges in the country.

As Queerty reported, marriage equality is illegal in Ohio, and state hate crime regulations do not extend to the LGBT communities.

"I think it detracts from the real problems of Ohio that need to be solved, that are being denied their constitutional rights because of who they are, or who the love," Premo told WBNS. "And that's what we really need to work on and this is just kind of a distraction."

Watch WBNS' report on the flyers, as aired on Thursday, below.

[Image: "Blond hair blue eyed man holds his thumbs up," via Shutterstock]