Seattle man arrested for threatening gay and lesbian shoppers with knife
Man holding a knife (Shutterstock)

A Seattle man was arrested and charged with a hate crime after he allegedly harassed a gay man and a lesbian and threatened them with a knife in a QFC grocery store.

KOMO News reported that the two shoppers were accosted by the 29-year-old suspect around 1:00 a.m., when he "leered" at the lesbian woman and told her she was "very sexy."

The woman's friend intervened, admonishing the man for being disrespectful.

The suspect, wrote Detective Drew Fowler in the Seattle Police Department's daily Police Blotter, then became belligerent, saying he could stare at whomever he wanted. He then produced a knife, made several angry anti-LGBT remarks and told the pair that he would cut them.

He then fled the scene, but was apprehended by police, who found that he was armed with more than one knife. Police arrested the man and charged him with malicious harassment under the state's hate crime statute.

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