Ted Cruz blames DC gridlock on Dems days after he placed a hold on all Obama nominees

On Saturday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) told NBC's "Meet the Press" that blame for the current congressional gridlock should be placed squarely at the feet of Washington Democrats.

"It should embarrass all of us," he said. "It's the result of a deliberate partisan decision. Let's take, for example, the crisis on the border. The crisis on the border, unfortunately, President Obama and Harry Reid have no interest in solving."

"President Obama was, a couple of weeks ago, down in Texas," Cruz continued. "He went to two Democratic Party fundraisers, had plenty of time to pal around with fat cats in the Democratic Party, and collect their checks for politics -- but he had no time to go to the border."

"He had no time to visit the Air Force bases where these children are being held," he said, "where these children are suffering because of the failures of his immigration policy and lawlessness."

Cruz's claim that Democrats are responsible for congressional gridlock is surprising given that just last week The Huffington Post reported that he would hold up all State Department nominees. "Serious questions were asked about the nature of a decision that handed Hamas a public relations victory and will cost Israel billions of dollars," he said in a statement.

"Until the State Department answers my questions, I will hold all State Department nominees."

Watch video from NBC's "Meet the Press" below.

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